Despicable Me (2010)

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Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 81% IMDB Rating: 7.6
AMR Rating: Worth Buying.

Synopsis: Envious evil villain Gru is determined to commit the greatest crime in history: to steal the moon. However, criminal Vector gets in his way, and to defeat him Gru adopts cookie-selling children whom he comes to love.

Review: Despicable Me is cute, to sum it in one word. The girls are extremely funny. I can quote so many lines from this movie. Though the plot is quite common: protagonist has huge conflict and opts for loved ones instead of ambitions, this film adds a fun twist with the contrast of a super-villain adopting cute girls. I also love that unlike what was predicted, Gru did not give up villainy at the end, but rather, the children cheer him on (and you will, too). Vector’s trick on Gru and Margo hesitating to jump because she didn’t completely trust Gru were some intense scenes. I yelled at the screen, “The note’s not from the girls, it’s from Vector!” (Unfortunately, as usual, he didn’t listen to me.) All this tension is released when Vector rolls around on a moon then gets stuck in space. While watching, we automatically set down our previous thoughts and get pulled into the movie. We completely believe that in Gru’s world people compete for infamy and are carried into a completely different perspective. The ending is also extremely sweet, with Gru writing his own story for the girls and reading it as they get tucked in their bomb beds, basically doing everything that he refused to do before. 

The characters are quirky and awesomely designed. Gru looks positively villainous. Agnes, Margo, Edith, and the minions are adorable. Just looking at Vector in his hideous orange suit makes you annoyed. The world of Despicable Me is funky and the scenes are colorful. I especially like the rap theme song. Though I’m not a fan of rap, the song really suits Gru’s personality.

A hilarious and heartwarming movie with a plot that’s a little old, Despicable Me is Worth Buying. Though this movie won’t bring you to tears, you will have definitely had a lot of worthwhile fun.

Background: Based on an original story by Sergio Pablos, Despicable Me has been nominated for many awards and has won a few. This film is also considered a box office success. The movie was animated entirely by Mac Guff, a French animation studio which Illumination Entertaiment acquired later. (Reference)


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