The Croods (2013)

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Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 65% IMDB Rating: 7.4
AMR Rating: Absolutely Worth Watching! 

Synopsis: The world’s first family, the Croods, are forced to come out of the cave face the dangers of the world, helped by a boy name Guy.

Review: Though we all know that the world wasn’t like that back then, and that people weren’t like that back then, hey, this applies to all animated movies practically. I love the sequence in which the family splits up and everyone except Grug learns to be creative and curious in their own way. The film is also full of hilarious lines and silent jokes that are evident through the characters’ faces. Though I had predicted from the beginning that everyone would survive and be all happy and the basic plotline is quite overused (father-daughter relationship after boy gets in the way, theme of innovation, family survives apocalyptic event), it was a nice surprise that they had met so many hardships. Right when you think the family is safe, something larger happens throughout the movie, but especially near the end, solving the  lack of curiosity and creativity in the Croods. However, there is some imbalance in the movie. If the end weren’t so epic, I wouldn’t have liked the beginning to move faster, but considering that the film builds up speed on a slope that’s a little too fast, the first half-hour could be condensed.

Reminiscent of Avatar, the scenery and giant animals were beautiful (and sometimes downright frightening). The starry night, the first look at the rainforest, and the land of Tomorrow were particularly striking. Many scenes look miraculous_ giant popcorn, the swarm of carnivorous birds, “fireworks.” I also love the color; it really takes people to another world where anything can happen. The soundtrack, at times fun, at times emotional, is also wonderful (though I admit I have always been a big fan of Alan Silvestri’s music). The animation and character design really portrayed their cavemen characteristics. However, I was hoping that as characters changed (especially Grug) that their appearance would brighten up somehow, in a subtle way, to show the change.

Many times fun and rowdy, yet with emotion mixed in, The Croods is sure to appeal to a wide audience, despite many overused themes (in a movie about creativity, too). This film is Absolutely Worth Watching!

Background: The film was originally being made by Aardman Animations as a part of a five-film deal with DreamWorks Animation as a stop-motion, but was completely reverted to DreamWorks. It was delayed many times. As part of the distribution deal, this became the first film from DreamWorks Animation to be distributed by 20th Century Fox, since the end of their distribution deal with Paramount Pictures in 2012 with Rise of the Guardians. The caveman comedy opened at No. 1 with an estimated $44.7 million. (Source)


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