Monster House (2006)

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Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 74% IMDB Rating: 6.7
AMR Rating: Absolutely Worth Watching!

Synopsis: Three kids (Jenny, DJ, and Chowder) must defeat a dangerous soul that has merged with a house.

Review: This film takes “haunted house” to a whole new level. Creaking staircases, ok. Mysteriously shutting doors, fine. But this one is alive! I admit it, while watching this movie I was terrified. I imagine myself in the character’s place (this film makes it easy to do so, with dramatic viewpoints and an interesting tale): in the basement of the house, on top of the crane, and I get chills. The backstory is also intriguing. Mr. Nebbercracker doesn’t want to be mean, but needs to please his crazy wife-house Constance because he loves her. However, I think the characters could be better developed: the three kids, but also Constance. By the end of the film, we only understand them shallowly. Also, if there is going to be romance in the movie, then that should be more fleshed out too. However, this movie doesn’t even need romance at all. The dialogue in this film could also be better. Though some parts are quite funny and the credits are entertaining, you will never really be able to say that you laughed out loud.

The creepy music in the background definitely complemented the movie. Though the animation itself is not the best, I love the way the house is portrayed. The fog, the explosions, and the house were done especially well. I also like the way emotion is very evident in the faces.

A frightening film that has a great plot, Monster House is Absolutely Worth Watching!

Background: The film was shot using performance capture, in which the actors performed the characters’ movement while linked to sensors. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 79th Academy Awards. I wish I knew what inspired this movie… (Source)


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